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COMING SOON: AquaGen River System

"Electricity & Irrigation from Moving Water"





















Patent pending Darrieus technology uses a closed  loop hydraulic system, converting mechanical energy from the AquaGen darrieus blades into hydraulic fluid energy(pump) which drives a hydraulic motor onshore delivering electricity of 12kWhrs per day @ 1 m/s water speed up to 100 kWhrs per day @ 2 m/s water speed. This efficiently drives various applications such as:

  1) An electric generator

  2) Irrigation pumps directly

  3) Provides clean drinking water by reverse osmosis

  4) Energy storage 

Off-the-shelf Components: AquaGen utilizes proven, low-cost, high volume, electrically certified, off-the-shelf components; resulting in AquaGen having limited development costs because our design eliminates the need for expensive components such as: gearbox, custom waterproof generators, specialized bearings, turbine shrouds, electrical power conditioning systems, marine grade power cables, and most importantly no special electrical certifications.

Environmentally friendly: AquaGen pumps only pressurized water or biodegradable oil through its system making it environmentally friendly.


AquaGen is focused on very small systems; 500 Watts System which translates in 12kWhours/day or more depending on water speeds. 


We are not trying to solve all the world's energy problems, if you are already connected to the electrical grid, you probably do not need our solutions.


We are mostly focused on military portable power needs and the developing world in remote areas where the energy grid does not exist and never will.


























1).  Easy to Install and Remove (under 30 minutes)

2).  500 watts electrical power @ 1m/s water speed

3).  Operate in very slow Water speeds 1.0 m/s (2.2 mph)

4).  Operate in very shallow Water (Depths of 1.0 m (3.28 ft)

5).  Operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

6).  Two Person Carry, target design weight of 100 lbs (45 Kg)

7).  Ships in 1.1 cubic meters or 39 cubic ft. box that can fit in the back of an SUV

8).  No Environmental Impact

9).  Low Cost of Ownership


10).  Fast Return on Investment (ROI)

11).  Zero Noise Signatures, Heat Signatures or Smoke Signatures

12).  Complements Wind, Solar, Battery Storage and Diesel Backup Generators

13).  Pricing and Shipping Dates yet to be determined

To learn more about how you can get involved, please fill in contact form here.  You can also email us at for product information, or if you want to be a distributor or reseller, you can email  .For investing information, please email

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