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Wave Energy Donut

Characteristics of HydroSpheric Generator (HG)

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DynoRotor will optimize the most economic form of the HG wave energy power donut.  The HG design is quite simple: several magnets are continuously crossing several coils (driven by the motion of waves). If you increase the number of Cores, the number of Magnets, and the number of Torrids, then the power output will increase.  This is what we call the X-Factors.



The more Cores (3 to 18), and the more Core Volume (50 to 150 magnets shaped as spheres, cylinders or long cylinders) and the more Induction Coils (1 to 12), the greater the Power Output. DynoRotor will offer the most cost effective (sweet spot) configurations for consumers low cost power from waves.


The wave donut can be tied to other donuts in various configurations or arrays (3 x 4 array shown in picture on the right) of the HG Power Donuts so various options will be offered.  DynoRotor will offer the most cost effective and easy to produce configurations for the consumer from 500 watts to 10 kW or higher arrays.


The HG design with a hole in the middle (like a life buoy ring) was designed to reduce the load, so water can pass over top or from below the power donut.


The HG design also allows the magnets to continuously (bi-bidirectionally function) by generating power in all harsh water environment conditions.

DynoRotor, low cost power from waves and very slow moving water in streams and rivers. To learn more about how you can get involved, please fill in contact form here.  You can also email us at info@dynorotor.com for product information, or if you want to be a distributor or reseller, you can email dealer@dynorotor.com.  For investing information, please email invest@dynorotor.com


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DynoRotor Wave Energy Donut Ocean Cluste
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