DynoRotor Off-Grid UTILITY Network

DynoRotor is more than just an electric generator that produces power and clean drinking water in slow moving water. DynoRotor is a Networked UTILITY that powers components either by direct mechanical energy or by electricity.
The DynoRotor system can include the following UTILITIES a). electric generator, b). reverse osmosis system for clean drinking water, c).  water pump dedicated for irrigation, d). water pump dedicated for flood control, e).  energy storage system that stores power when you need it, f). or a heating and cooling system.  See picture below that explains the DynoRotor Hydraulic Network Utility.
DynoRotor Off Grid Utility Netowrk.JPG


DynoRotor 500 Watt System: Pricing to be determined (Shipping in 2021)
DynoRotor 1,000 watt System: Pricing to be determined (Shipping in 2021)
DynoRotor Clean Drinking Water System (Reverse Osmosis):  Price to be determined (shipping 2021)
DynoRotor Water Pump System (Irrigation & Flood Control):  Price to be determined (shipping 2021)
DynoRotor Energy Storage System (Compressed Air, Flywheel):  Price to be determined (shipping 2022)
Please Note:  Availability, pricing, and specifications are subject to change.
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Bright Clolors DynoRotor 01 j.JPG
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500W and 1,000W DynoRotor Spec sheet Jun
DynoRotor 500 watts

The 500 Watt Dynorotor is built for multiple applications:  a).  power third world, b). off-grid living, c) emergency power, d). also great for outdoor activities such as camping, exploration; off-road activities. You can be sure to power up your laptops, phones, lights and so much more - for free!

DynoRotor 500 watt design is inexpensive, simple, robust, and doesn’t harm marine life, it can power (depending on water speed) the following devices ALL AT ONCE:


one 116 watt DC Refrigerator (14.4 cubic feet)

one 48 watt Laptop Computer

one 36 watt TV (LED 24 inch)

four 9.6 watt Lights (LED)

one x 14  watt Box Fan (14")

four x 12 watt USB Devices such as

(USB cell phones, Bluetooth speakers, etc.)

The 500 watt DynoRotor will come in multiple designs:

DynoRotor with Man and Dimensions.jpg
Bright Clolors DynoRotor 06.JPG
Bright Clolors DynoRotor 03.JPG
DynoRotor 1,000 watts

DynoRotor provides continuous power from in slow moving water.  It’s the perfect alternative to Diesel, an environmentally friendly, source of renewable energy, ideal for small remote dwellings and those living off-grid.  Unlike Solar power, DynoRotor delivers power 24/7 – so at night time when peak demand is at its greatest, DynoRotor is still providing energy, where solar power shuts down.


This powerful unit can run AC or DC power. Running DC electricity can power light bulbs, a refrigerator, laptops, TV’s, computers, batteries, even vehicles. The unit can be supplied with a breakout box with multiple sockets – USB ports and regular plug points for the local market.

The 1,000 watt DynoRotor can power several houses in a third world village. A DynoRotor can be used to refrigerate the catch of the day or medicines, provide potable, clean, pure water, even air conditioning. Of course it can also power lights, fans, cell communications and phones and most computer related equipment.


Delivering reliable energy, the DynoRotor is remarkably cost effective, paying for itself after 12 months.  Taking all charges into consideration, DynoRotor typically costs less than 15 cents per hour and as low as 8 cents per hour depending on water speed, compared to diesel’s 80 cents per hour.  DynoRotor is up to 10 times cheaper!


DynoRotor delivers much more than energy – it is a powerful multi-functional device  - engineered to be able to deliver clean, purified water for communities and users where no clean water exists.


As a pump to drain flood areas;


Irrigation – for vital crops and fields, all with no fuel costs involved.


DynoRotor is environmentally friendly, as well as operating with zero  carbon emissions it doesn’t harm marine life. The rotor turns below the water speed, and produces a “bow wave” effect, so fish simply glide over it.

Below are pictures and size of the 1,000 watt DynoRotor:

Waterotor 1kW Turbine with Man.jpg
DynRotor 1,000 watt close up.jpg
DynoRotor Add-Ons

As mentioned above; DynoRotor is more than an electric generator, it is also  a: Hydraulic Utility Network with components that will be easily serviceable on-shore such as: a). electric generation system, b). tank-less reverse osmosis system for clean drinking water, c).  water pump system for irrigation, d). water pump system for flood control, e).  energy storage system utilizing fly wheel or compressed air technologies, f). heating and cooling add-on system


The DynoRotor blade system will be submerged in the stream, river or canal.  The blade system will be hydraulically connected to shore where the add on utility that you want to connect will reside:  (note in some cases you may be able to hook up two or more utilities to the DynoRotor):

Bright Clolors DynoRotor 02.JPG
Emergency Crew Deploy DynoRotor in River
Waterotor  Testing Ottawa going in Water
DynoRotor, low cost power and clean drinking water from slow moving water. To learn more about how you can get involved, please fill in contact form here.  You can also email us at for product information, or if you want to be a distributor or reseller, you can email  For investing information, please email