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getting ready to ship products soon

DynoRotor 275 watt in back of SUV March

DynoRotor's 300 watt system easily fits into the back of your SUV or trunk, leaving a ton of space for your camping gear.


It will be available to first customers late 2020 and full production in 2021

DynoRotor is getting ready to ship products:

DynoRotor is presently building two sizes:  300 Watts per hour and 1,000 Watts per hour.  The product ship date is late 2020 or early 2021.

Testing will continue in rivers in the Ottawa Canada area this summer.

As well in the summer of 2019 DynoRotor started long term testing at the Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Centre (CHTTC), located on the Winnipeg River in Seven Sisters Falls, Manitoba. (CHTTC is a national centre focused on the testing of hydrokinetic turbines in Canada).

The CHTTC attracts turbine manufacturers and developers, including universities, and focuses on life-cycle project solutions for fully integrated systems. The center offers an actual commercial setting with the following assets: regulatory approval, equipment for manned and unmanned deployment and retrieval, a connection to the Manitoba Hydro utility grid using CSA standards for testing new power converters and test equipment to study the impact of the environment on turbines and the impact of the turbines on aquatic life.

The CHTTC provides an opportunity to better understand the operational effects of hydrokinetic devices on the environment and provides information to help inform regulatory decisions for future projects. The center provides significant cost savings to stakeholders by reducing the time and cost to market for developers and by providing a framework for the industry to develop standards, protocols and safety procedures. The CHTTC allows technology developers to save time, cost and effort when installing and field-testing their turbines.


The first product we began long term testing on was the 1,000 watt model; our 300 watt model goes into the water in summer for testing.


It is DynoRotor's intention to continuously test ALL of our product models on an on-going basis before we release product for sale to the public.

Waterotor 1kW Turbine with Man.jpg

DynoRotor's 1,000 watt system is presently under going testing since the fall of 2019.  The 300 watt and 1,000 watt units will be our first consumer products to ship.  They will be available to first customers late 2020 and full production in 2021

DynoRotor 1kW Ottawa 2019 3.jpg

Picture shows 1,000 watt an hour coming out of the water in river near Ottawa, Ontario Canada (November 2018)