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Aerial View of River

Welkom by AquaGen

AquaGen (BLUE ECONOMY POWER) lewer afhernubare energie van stadig bewegende water in strome, riviere, kanale & amp; oseane. AquaGen help bouKoraalriwwe & kan aanvulData boeie sonkrag metGolf Krag om hul elektronika aan die gang te hou.  Behalwe om elektrisiteitsoplossings te lewer, werk ons aanBesproeiingsoplossings,Skoon drinkwater produkte, en Energieberging

Mac Brown, CEO of AquaGen (DynoRotor Inc.), (Ottawa, Winnipeg, Canada) says “We are very pleased that NATO - Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) team has selected AquaGen as a dual use innovator for our BARRACUDA micro-grid portable Hydro-Kinetic Energy System as a DISRUPTIVE, GAME CHANGING technology. Barracuda is a light weight, high power density (over 50 kWh/day), rugged, scalable, modular technology designed for an untapped energy resource: shallow slow-moving streams and rivers. Barracuda has zero noise, smoke or heat signatures, built for rapid deployment Military use (Forward Operating Bases), Natural Disasters & for the Developing World.” See NATO announcement:  
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