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Aerial View of River

Bring Power to the People
with AquaGen

Around the world, nearly 789 million people lack access to electricity. Even NATO military units and disaster relief teams often struggle to rapidly deploy lightweight, portable power sources when they are needed most. AquaGen offers the solution.


Our patented hydrokinetic systems harness the untapped energy potential in slow moving waterways - streams, rivers, and canals - to deliver Eco-friendly, renewable electricity wherever it's needed.


AquaGen is the first company to succeed where others have failed by engineering high-density power solutions designed for easy transport and rapid deployment.


With up to 40x more power per kg, our systems like the Barracuda can generate over 2,200 watts yet weighs only 50kg. The key is our proprietary technology that draws on hydrokinetic power in a way that is lightweight and quick to install, even in remote locations.


But we don't just bring electricity. Our systems can help build coral reefs & nurture marine ecosystems. They supplement data buoys to keep them powered around the clock. AquaGen is investing in the future of green energy with innovations in irrigation, drinking water, and energy storage solutions.

At AquaGen, we believe access to clean, renewable power should be a basic human right. Our revolutionary technology makes power possible for even the most remote communities. Let us bring the power of water – the power of progress – to you.

Mac Brown, CEO of AquaGen (DynoRotor Inc.), (Ottawa, Winnipeg, Canada) says “We are very pleased that NATO - Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) team has selected AquaGen as a dual use innovator for our BARRACUDA micro-grid portable Hydro-Kinetic Energy System as a DISRUPTIVE, GAME CHANGING technology. Barracuda is a light weight, high power density (over 50 kWh/day), rugged, scalable, modular technology designed for an untapped energy resource: shallow slow-moving streams and rivers. Barracuda has zero noise, smoke or heat signatures, built for rapid deployment Military use (Forward Operating Bases), Natural Disasters & for the Developing World.” See NATO announcement:  
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