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AquaGen River Product Line Up

Aerial View of River
AquaGen Product Lineup
AquaGen Minnow & Goldfish_edited.jpg
2.4 kWh/day 
AquaGen Trout 30 kWh/day
14.4 kWh/day 
AquaGen Barracuda 100kWh/day
50 kWh/day 
AquaGen Double Stack.png
Barracuda Double Stack
100 kWh/day 

AQUAGEN RIVER PRODUCT LINEUP & POWER PRODUCED: AquaGen has developed four (4) hydro-kinetic DISRUPTIVE Game Changing Technologies that extract Low-Cost Power from very slow-moving water in streams, rivers and canals, delivering at a Marginal Energy Production Cost form $0.06 kWh to under $0.03 kWh. 

AQUAGEN supplies, low-cost power (Run-of-River) Electricity Systems.  The Barracuda above will also provide optional clean drinking water and irrigation/pumping solutions.  AquaGen will start shipping products in late 2024.


OFFERING: an opportunity to INVEST into a Hydrokinetic company with breakthrough technologies in a combined market size of over $300+ billion dollars with pending orders. AquaGen is the process of doing a investment / financing round.


WORLD LEADING HYDRO-KINETIC ENERGY TEAM: Including Experts from the Canadian Hydro-kinetic Turbine Testing Center in Canada.  AquaGen has an outstanding Sales & Marketing Team in UK, Canada and the USA.



AquaGen is focused on the smaller sized hydro-kinetic systems (2.4 kWh/day to 100  kWh/day) that addresses the following markets:

1). Military & Government Portable Power Solutions. 

2). Developing Nations: (789 m people without access to grid power)

3). Disaster Relief Portable Power

4). Marine: including; Coral Reef Conservation, Data Buoys, & Sail Boats:

World Power Demand Country by Use.png

AVERAGE CONSUMPTION PER CAPITA (kWh per day)  Please see chart above:  At 2 m/s water speed, a single Minnow delivers 2.4 kWh/day, a Trout delivers 14.4 kWh/day and a single Barracuda delivers 50kWh/day, a double stack Barracuda delivers 100 kWh/day enabling AquaGen to power equipment, sensors, soldiers, forward operating bases, humanitarian aid and small villages in the developing world.

Please See Table Above: AquaGen compliments gas generators, wind and solar, however we are the only technology that that delivers low cost environmentally clean power, 24 hour a day, seven day a week, 365 days a year of continuous power.  AquaGen can be rapidly deployed in under an hour and is light weight, one or two person portable.

AquaGen, low cost power from waves and very slow moving water in streams, rivers and canals. To learn more about how you can get involved, please fill in contact form here.  You can also email us at for product information, or if you want to be a distributor or reseller, you can email  For investing information, please email

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