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Aerial View of River

Welcome to AquaGen

  • GLOBAL PROBLEMS:  789 million people without electricity.  NATO Military & Disaster Relief do not have a rapidly deploy-able light weight solutions

  • AQUAGEN SOLUTIONS: Untapped hydro-kinetic power found in slow moving streams, rivers & canals  (solution also compliments solar / wind)

  • OTHERS FAILED: Small scale hydro-kinetics has been tried, but all have failed because competing solutions are too heavy & there is a lack of heavy lift equipment in the developing world or on the Military or Disaster Relief front lines to easily & rapidly deploy a solution

  • FIRST TO SUCCEED: AquaGen is the first to succeed in delivering High Density Power Solutions because our systems have been designed from the ground up with the installation & rapid deployment problem in mind

  • POWER DENSITY of 20 X: AquaGen delivers up to 20 times more power per kg as proven by the Canadian Hydro Kinetic Turbine Testing Center.   The AquaGen Barracuda for example delivers 4,200 watts of power and weighs only 50 kg


IN ADDITION: AquaGen (BLUE ECONOMY POWER) helps build Coral Reefs & can supplement Data Buoys solar with Wave Power to keep their electronics running.  Besides delivering electricity solutions we are also working on Irrigation Solutions, Clean Drinking Water Products, and Energy Storage

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