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AquaGen Minnow 24 kWh/day, AquaGen Goldfish 6 kWh/day
AquaGen Trout 30 kWh/day power from slow moving water in streams, rivers and canals
AquaGen Shark 30 kWh/day to 150 kWh/day
Aerial View of River
AquaGen Minnow, GoldFish, Trout and Shark

The AquaGen Minnow, Goldfish and Trout Hydro-kinetic Run-of-River

Propeller Technology shipping in 2024

The AquaGen Turbines (Minnow, Goldfish, Trout and Shark) are a high speed propeller design which deliver 2.4 kWh/day or 6 kWh/day or 30 kWh/day. The Shark is expected to deliver 28 kWh/day to 150 kWh/day depending on whether Goldfish or Trouts are attached to the wing.   Our Barracuda delivers over 100 kWh/day (see tab)



POWER DENSITY: AquaGen's turbines power density is best in class, providing 4 – 10 x more  power output per kg than the competition. 


AquaGen achieves the BEST POWER DENSITY in the industry by  incorporating these eleven techniques: 1).  Material Selection  2).  Advanced Alloys 3).  Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics: 4) Structural Optimization 5). Additive Manufacturing 6). Hollow Structures: 7).  Improved Manufacturing Techniques8).  Corrosion Resistance: 9).  Active Monitoring and Maintenance 10).  Research and Development 11).  Scale Effects. Remember that achieving a balance between lightness and strength involves trade-offs. It's essential  we consider factors like cost, manufacturing feasibility, and environmental impact when implementing our strategies. AquaGen collaborates with experts in materials science, mechanical engineering, and hydrodynamics help AquaGen develop the most effective water turbine solutions.  Please see Q&A for more information.

VERSATILE: Designed to operate at an average water speed of 2 m/s, starts at 0.5 m/s and operating up to 3.4 m/s, delivering power under $0.03 kWh


TRANSPORTABLE: Lightweight: carried and deployed by 1 or 2 people


SIMPLE: Electricity is delivered to shore at 120VDC for direct connection to charger electronics (ex. phone chargers, computer chargers, communication power supplies)

RELIABLE: Patent pending generator with integrated voltage conditioner provides dependable underwater electricity generation

CURRENT STATUS:  Minnow, Goldfish, Trout and Shark are all under test at Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Testing Center (CHTTC)


AquaGen Minnow, Goldfish, Trout mounted of granite block for bottom depolyment at CHTTC
AquaGen's Minnow, Goldfish, and Trout
AquaGen Shark.jpg
Minnow, Goldfish & Trout Systems above
Shark System with four (4) Minnows Shown Above
AquaGen Minnow, Goldfish, Trout, Shark and Data Collection Buoys
From Left to Right:  Yellow Data Collection Buoy, Minnow & Goldfish System mounted on granite block, Shark System, Yellow Data Collection Buoy
AquaGen deploying Minnow and Goldfish at CHHTC
Above shows winter deployment of Minnow & Gold Fish mounted on a granite block, Yellow Data Collection System also showing
AquaGen Trout and Minnow Turbines.jpg
Above shows AquaGen Trout and Minnow
AquaGen Shark Deployment
Above shows winter deployment of Shark System & Yellow Data Collection System also showing
AquaGen Data Collection Buoy
AquaGen Data Collection Buoy showing internal components
Left Above shows electronics, battery and data collection system. Right Above shows Yellow Buoy Data Collection System

AquaGen, low cost power from waves and very slow moving water in streams, rivers and canals. To learn more about how you can get involved, please fill in contact form here.  You can also email us at for product information, or if you want to be a distributor or reseller, you can email  For investing information, please email

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