The DynoRotor Management Team
Mac Brown Founder CEO Chairman of the Bo
Shezad Abedi President Africa and Asia.j
Ron Lichtman VP North America Sales Dyno
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Guy Bourgeois
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DynoRotor Executive Management Team


Mac Brown: President, Chairman of the Board of Directors


Based in Ottawa, Canada. Mac has closed over $1 Billion dollars in profitable revenue with companies he has owned or worked for and products he has represented into the USA, Canadian & Asia Marketplaces.  An experienced Technology CEO; Sales, Marketing & Business Development Executive; Entrepreneur; Start-up Expert and experience in Fund Raising.


Mac is presently President of MarkerTest Distribution (delivering the URCODE solution helping to combat the Opioid Crisis in Florida).


Mac was also a Founder, CEO of Magenn Power, a high altitude wind energy turbine featured on Discovery Channels, Project Earth’s TV series called “Seven Ways to Save the Planet” the Infinite Winds episode that first aired in August 2008.


Founder and CEO of; achieved revenues of $100M per year; (25% owned by Corel Corp., the NetWinder Office Server was the custom award winning software/hardware product of 


Founder, CEO of Hardware Canada Computer; a computer and networking Value Added Reseller.  Hardware Canada was a major supplier of the Axil Sparc Solaris Unix workstations & servers into the Canadian Government. Hardware Canada later went on to build their own Sparc /  Solaris based computer & servers under the Horizon Brand.  (components were purchased from a division of Sun Microsystems).


Hardware Canada was also an OEM Switch manufacturer for Nortel Networks & Newbridge Networks.  Hardware Canada achieved revenues of $40M per year while achieving 54 straight quarters of profitability.


Shezad Abedi: VP Sales Africa and Asia

Based in UK. Shezad has been involved in energy hedging, energy finance and restructuring for over 25 years. Shezad began his career in commodities in 1994 at Bankers Trust, a global investment bank that specialized derivatives, as a risk analyst on the commodity derivatives desk. He then was asked to join Enron where he helped build a strategy for Enron going into Italy as well as the restructuring of their major European power asset, Teesside.

Shezad founded, was a shareholder and Group Commercial Director of Welsh Power Group, MD trading for Uskmouth Power Ltd CEO of its trading subsidiary Carron Energy, one of the UK's first private-equity backed power companies,  Sold in 2010, Welsh Power, at that time backed by Deutsche Bank, Strategic Value Partners and Trafalgar Asset Management, had grown to £1bn value with two operating power plants, one financed new 850MW gas power plant , a trading division and a supply business.


Prior to Welsh Power Shezad was Head of UK and Scandinavian Structured Products at EdF Trading. Shezad has worked as Managing Director of European Electricity at Prebon Yamane, and at various senior positions.  Shezad has also worked extensively in banking and advisory institutions. Shezad was MD, Power Energy and Commodities TAIB investment bank, Bahrain, Board Member of TAIB YatirimBank, and Chairman of PDF Kurumsal (corporate finance boutique). Shezad has acquired, managed and turned around businesses for himself and for his employers. Shezad holds a Masters Degree in Management and a Bachelors Degree in Physics from Imperial College, London University.


David Gilbert: CEO, VP Sales Europe, Australia


Based in the UK. David has professionally been involved with marketing and communications over the last 25 years. David Gilbert  is an accomplished journalist and producer in broadcast television.


He has produced high quality communications packages for world leading brands. He has also launched new TV channels for major clients including SKY’s top rated B2B television channel. He has produced broadcast documentaries for more than 25 years, specializing in technology and renewable energy.


David developed and produced a series on “Virgin Galactic ” – securing exclusive access for the BBC and National Geographic Channel around the development and launch of the world’s first commercial spaceliner pioneered by Burt Rutan, after winning the X-Prize with Space Ship One,  as well as producing “Formula E”, a branded content feature documentary that followed the launch of the world’s first all-electric motor racing championship.


Gilbert has produced for the world’s most prestigious channels: Channel 4 TV, BBC TV , Channel 5, ITV, The Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel.  He has also produced engineering-based series Megastructures, Engineering Connections and Industrial Revelations for the Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel.


Gilbert went onto produce the highly successful prime time series for the Discovery Channel, “Future Weapons”, which enjoyed its highest ever premiere for a show, and became one of its top three series.


Ronald Lichtman:  VP North & South America Sales: 


Based in Boca Raton Florida, he has over thirty years of entrepreneurial business development experience in the travel, cruise ships, fast food, gem & jewellery and security industries. Lichtman pioneered and managed a chain of jewellery stores in the Caribbean in the late1980’s for Amsterdam Sauer and went on to launch Subway Caribbean Group Inc. (SCGI) and acquired the Master Franchise for the Caribbean Region of the Subway Sandwich Organization. Between 1990 and 2003 Lichtman pioneered the development of dozens of Subway franchised shops throughout the Caribbean Region.

Mike Doiron: Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Advisor 

Based in Austin Texas, Mike has over 33 years of experience as a top notch executive in companies like Amazon, Celestica, IBM, Flex (Flextronics), JDSUniphase, and Newbridge Networks .  


Mike has experience leading very large teams (tens of thousands) in advanced engineering, business services, facilities management, LEAN manufacturing, mergers, operations, product packaging, procurement, quality control, safety, start-up building launches & strategic relationships.


Mike for the last 6 years has been at Flex where he is now the CTO of Global Operations which included the Advanced manufacturing Engineering, Lean Business Excellence & Corp Quality plus 1,000 engineers in India for central services for Flex Worldwide.  Flex has its head office in Singapore with over 175,000 employees worldwide with 106 manufacturing facilities (over 50 million square feet) in 36 countries.


Prior to Flex, Mike was VP NA Operations & Engineering, in charge of 60+ Amazon Fulfillment Centers with 30,000 employees throughout North America and his team managed a Capex yearly budget of $1 Billion.


Prior to Amazon, Mike was with Flex for 8 years as VP of Operations for Manufacturing & Service sites in Canada, US, and Mexico, in the Industrial & Emerging Technologies + Special Business Solutions Group Segments.  


Read more of Mikes experience and education here: 

Dr. Eric Bibeau:  Hydro-Kinetic Systems Advisor

Eric has 144 Publications See here:

Based in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, Dr. Eric Bibeau, Associate Professor at University of Manitoba, is the Director of the Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Centre (CHTTC). Eric has more than 20 years experience in the field of innovative renewable energy technologies to increase the renewable energy ratio of communities. He held the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada NSERC/Manitoba Hydro Industrial Research Chair in Alternative Energy for 10 years.

The  main objective of the Canadian Hydrokinetic Turbine Test Centre (CHTTC) is to create a national hydrokinetic turbine testing location that allows companies to test hydrokinetic turbine systems. The center is located on the Winnipeg River in the rural community of Seven Sister Falls, Manitoba. The CHTTC assists in accelerating Canada’s development of hydrokinetic turbine technologies and helps address the identified pre-commercialization needs contained in the Canadian Marine Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap.

The CHTTC provides an opportunity to better understand the operational effects of hydrokinetic devices on the environment and provides information to help inform regulatory decisions for future projects. The center provides significant cost savings to stakeholders by reducing the time and cost to market for developers and by providing a framework for the industry to develop standards, protocols and safety procedures. The CHTTC allows technology developers to save time, cost and effort when installing and field-testing their turbines.

In addition to the testing of hydrokinetic turbines, the CHTTC is pushing forward with novel resource characterization techniques. Researchers at the CHTTC have developed multiple flow measurement procedures that allow for the complete assessment of the hydrokinetic resource in a particular marine environment. This is a service offered by the CHTTC. Any person interested in operating hydrokinetic turbines may contact the CHTTC, and we will be happy to meet and discuss the potential. CHTTC personnel have acquired experience in working with communities to improve their energy portfolio by relying less on expensive fossil fuels and moving to producing their own renewable energy, creating local jobs and community independence. CHTTC personnel can meet and discuss our capabilities and the steps needed in order to install a hydrokinetic turbine, as well as introduce you to the nation’s leading hydrokinetic turbine developers.

The CHTTC address key areas of technology development which include:

  • Validating the operation and performance of hydrokinetic turbines and operation in cold climates

  • Field test hydrokinetic turbines integrated onto the grid

  • Reduce installation, deployment, and retrieval costs

  • Develop safety protocols for operators

  • Field test new foundations for turbines: installation, deployment, retrieval and maintenance operations in remote locations

  • Investigate the effect of scouring on turbine components: erosion on rotating components.

  • Test the system reliability and availability

  • Perform resource assessment in any area with hydrokinetic potential to identify local resources

  • Communicate with local communities and assist in the move from fossil fuels to renewable technology

  • Design solutions for local communities, given available resources, to install hydrokinetic turbines

Eric Bibeau's Current Research Work at University of Manitoba:

  • Kinetic Turbines: High kinetic water turbines for distributed small hydro run-of-river applications

  • Anaerobic Digesters: Modeling of swine anaerobic digesters and the development of low costs distributed systems

  • Wind Icing: Icing of wind turbine blades to mitigate its effect on wind farms operating in cold weather climates

  • BioPower and Waste Heat: New biomass and waste heat conversion technologies for distributed generation using advanced cycles tailored for the distributed biopower market

  • PHEV: Dynamic modeling of PHEV

  • District Energy Systems: District heating and cooling from biomass, solar and geotherm


Guy Bourgeois:  Corporate & Financial Advisor


Guy Bourgeois is based in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.  Guy has been an owner, investor, advisor, or board member in dozens of innovative companies. Experienced C-level with a demonstrated history in energy sectors, nanotechnology and ICT industries. Skilled in raising capital, government grants, global business development and strategic business plans.


Guy has extensive experience in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, business strategies and planning. Guy is a seasoned professional with decades of diverse experience revolving around technology advancements and business development. Over the years Guy has been a part of some very exciting companies and his knowledge and expertise are unparalleled.

Frank Cantor:  Manufacturing & Fund Raising Advisor


Based in southern Florida, Frank has over 40 years of experience in product development, supply chain, manufacturing, network security, software development, business management and fundraising. At IBM and Lexmark he managed product business units that had annual revenues of $50 to $500 million. 


Frank was the CEO and Founder of Advanced Color Technology and Z-Heat. 


In addition, Frank Cantor was an original inventor of the Smart Card. He also taught Business and Computer Science at Xavier University and Penn State University.

Alan Weiss:  Advisory Board, Projects & Mechanical Advisor


Alan Weiss is based in Pittsburgh PA & Florida. Alan has over 40 years of experience in project development.  Alan was born and raised on a western Pennsylvania Dairy Farm, where he learned at an early age mechanical problem solving, being efficient using what you have to work with.  Alan's construction company has completed over $200 million dollars in government construction projects.  Alan has worked in almost every state in the USA.  The larges project completed was Phase 1 of the San Jose Light Rail Transit System, $33 million. Alan has been a consultant to NASA at Kennedy Space Center and Kodiak Island, AK. Alan enjoys projects that will make the world a better place for his children and grandchildren. By reducing our carbon footprint and harvesting the renewable energy that we are wasting every day, Alan feels that DynoRotor has a lot of potential to achieve his goals.

1960-1964 University of Pittsburgh BS Civil Engineering minor in geology and mining

1964-1966 Pennsylvania Department of highways and Bridges, Design Engineer

1965-1967 United States Air Nation Guard and USAF.

1967-2000 Civil Engineer and owner Weiss Bros Construction Inc.

 2000-present All American Equipment and Construction

1968-Present Vice Pres of A-L Project Management

Paul Cowan:  Advisory Board, Fund Raising Consultant

Paul Cowan is based in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA. Paul has over 50 years experience owning and operating businesses.  Paul has owned 18 business's been based in Palm Beach County Florida and has acted as a real estate broker & consultant in more than 500 transactions, mostly in the United States with some international projects.

The primary focus of Paul’s activity the last 9.25 years has been with companies that are engaged with energy production, energy reduction, medical, and land for developers.

DynoRotor, low cost power from waves and very slow moving water in streams and rivers. To learn more about how you can get involved, please fill in contact form here.  You can also email us at for product information, or if you want to be a distributor or reseller, you can email  For investing information, please email