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Aerial View of River
AquaGen Barracuda, Electricity, Irrigation,
Clean Drinking Water, Hydrogen Production
AquaGen Barracuda Portable Generator over 100kWh/day
AquaGen Barracuda Components named with Engineering Team


BARRACUDA PORTABLE WATER POWER SYSTEM is a patent pending DISRUPTIVE light weight rugged, scalable, modular, Hydro-Kinetic Energy System designed for very slow-moving streams, rivers, or canals. Barracuda is built for rapid deployment military use (Forward Operating Bases, Natural Disasters, Civilian Mobile Units) to power Command & Control & Medical facilities, as well as electronics such as laptops, phones, communications, LED lights, Night Vision, GPS, etc.  Barracuda produces over 100 kW-hours per day in 2 m/s water speeds.  Can be a stand-alone energy source (AC or DC Power) with battery backup or micro-grid connected.  Barracuda is capable of scaling as many units or sections can be connected together.  Barracuda allows for the use of OFF-THE-SHELF readily available (world-wide), high volume, low cost: Hydraulic Motors, Hydraulic Pumps and Electrical Generators. Barracuda has zero noise, smoke or heat signatures.


UNTAPPED ENERGY SOURCE, VERY SLOW-MOVING WATER:  Slow moving water (streams, rivers and canals) are found all around the world and are an untapped energy source.  Unlike Solar and Wind, the Barracuda Hydro Kinetic Generator can generate continuous power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Barracuda compliments solar & wind.


DISRUPTIVE POWER ENERGY DENSITY:  Through the use of a patent pending ducted Darrieus blade / hydraulic drive system which leverages low weight Carbon Fiber materials and a Hydraulic Pump / Motor System, the Barracuda will weigh 50 kg and can easily deployed by two people.  This is contrasted with similar energy competing technologies weighing in at 1,000+ kg that need heavy equipment or cranes for deployment.  Barracuda delivers up to 20 times the power energy density (more watts of power per kg) than competing systems.  Barracuda's power density is because AquaGen incorporates the following eleven design techniques 1).  Material Selection  2).  Advanced Alloys 3).  Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics: 4) Structural Optimization 5). Additive Manufacturing 6). Hollow Structures: 7).  Improved Manufacturing Techniques8).  Corrosion Resistance: 9).  Active Monitoring and Maintenance 10).  Research and Development 11).  Scale Effects. Remember that achieving a balance between lightness and strength involves trade-offs. It's essential  we consider factors like cost, manufacturing feasibility, and environmental impact when implementing our strategies. AquaGen collaborates with experts in materials science, mechanical engineering, and hydrodynamics help AquaGen develop the most effective water turbine solutions.  Please see Q&A for more information.


RAPID DEPLOYMENT: The portability offered by a scalable easy-to-assemble duct/support structure is not available with any of the competitor technologies.  The rapid deploy ability (30 minutes to an hour) offers a strong competitive advantage for military applications where timely mobilization and demobilization is critical.  Ships in easy to manage one-meter cubed sized containers,


RELIABLE RUGGED COST-EFFECTIVE COMPONENTS:  Most hydrokinetic generators/systems require expensive customized low speed waterproof generators or heavy gearboxes, sometimes specialized bearings, turbine shrouds, electrical power conditioning systems, marine grade power cables which means a much higher end user price, harder to source parts, sometimes lower reliability, and a much heavier system (up to 20 times heavier than AquaGen's Barracuda). Barracuda Patent includes the use of a closed or open loop hydraulic system using off-the-shelve ruggedized lower cost components including a). hydraulic pumps, b). hydraulic motors, and c). electrical generators that are in very high volume, have high reliability rates (mean time between failures MTBF) and are available everywhere from many sources all around the world. 


MODULAR SYSTEM CAPABLE OF SCALING:  Barracuda’s modular design is capable of scaling in height (stack three systems high), as well as double the width.  Barracuda can also be spaced in rows behind each system to increase power output.


MICRO-GIRD OR STANDALONE: Barracuda offers several on-shore field connectable electrical conversion solutions which enable parallel operation of Barracuda generator/s, battery-less inversion of produced electricity, or battery charging for applications requiring storage.  Barracuda is available in multiple DC or AC and storage configurations.

COMPATIBLE WITH SOLAR AND WIND:  Barracuda runs 24 x 7, but complements wind and solar installations, and can easily be connected with them to supply stand-alone power or micro grid power.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY:  Barracuda pumps only pressurized water or biodegradable oil through its hydraulic system making it environmentally friendly.

Barracuda provides the following alternate configurations:

  1) An electric generator

  2) Irrigation pumps directly

  3) Provides clean drinking water by reverse osmosis add on system

  4) Energy storage 

We are mostly focused on military portable power needs and the developing world in remote areas where the energy grid does not exist and never will.


We are not trying to solve all the world's energy problems, if you are already connected to the electrical grid, you probably do not need our solutions.


(subject to change)

1).  Easy to Install and Remove (under 30 minutes)

2).  Operating Range from 0.5 m/s to 3.4 m/s

3).  12 kWh/day @ 1 m/s water speed or 100 kWh/day @ 2 m/s water speed

or 340 kWh/day @ 3 m/s

4).  Operate in very shallow Water Depths of 1.0 m (3.28 ft)

5).  Operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

6).  Two person Carry, target design weight of 100 lbs (45 Kg)

7).  Ships in 1.1 cubic meters or 39 cubic ft. boxes

8).  No Environmental Impact

9).  Low Cost of Ownership


10).  Fast Return on Investment (ROI)

11).  Zero Noise Signatures, Heat Signatures or Smoke Signatures

12).  Complements Wind, Solar, Battery Storage and Diesel Backup Generators

13).  Pricing and Shipping Dates yet to be determined


AquaGen Hydraulic / Electric Operation Diagram
AquaGen Barracuda Icons
AquaGen Team deploying Barracuda 100 kWh/day
AquaGen Team with Barracuda 100kWh/day
AquaGen Barracuda overhead view

AquaGen, low cost power from waves and very slow moving water in streams, rivers and canals. To learn more about how you can get involved, please fill in contact form here.  You can also email us at for product information, or if you want to be a distributor or reseller, you can email  For investing information, please email

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